Wyndford News March 2024…

Happy Easter

A well-run hospitality establishment should appear to the outside world as a duck on a dam. On the surface calm, collected and peaceful but below the surface paddling like crazy. We really have paddled this month, literally and physically but more about that later!

The Cosmos are flowering!

Our average rainfall for January to March for the last 3 years equals 220mm. This year we have only had 70mm so far. We are desperate for rain with potential veld fires posing a real issue and the rivers being exceptionally low. On the bright side, the agate hunting in the river is fantastic now. Our morning temperatures are reminding us that autumn is coming whilst our days are still beautiful. The Liquid Amber trees by the church are changing into their crimson cloaks and the Italian poplars should be starting soon.

The Wyndford team has grown.

We are happy to announce that baby Isak Hugo was born on the 26th of February and is healthy. And yes, he had a fishing rod in his hands before his eyes were properly opened. We also formally welcome Lourens and Jenna Bezuidenhout to the team. Prior to Wyndford, they have done amazing work in drug rehabilitation and ministry with amazing life stories. May your journey with us be long and happy!

The reason for the season

We are blessed to be fully booked for this coming Easter weekend! We are looking forward to having our long-standing guests back and welcoming new guests to the Wyndford Family. Our program includes a water fun day on Saturday. Sunday is our traditional Church service followed by tea and Easter Cake with an eggs-traordinary treasure hunt for our younger guests. We wish all those that cannot join us a blessed Easter. May you experience His love as we reflect on Good Friday and celebrate with joy on Easter Sunday!

New life all around

In the last month we have seen new babies being born and we were fortunate enough to join guests aged 90 for the bench walk. We climbed through the caves with guests 80 years young and I took a completely unplanned early morning swim whilst cleaning the pool. Yes, the water was very refreshing in my literal take on paddling as a hotelier. The conclusion, take the trip to the Freestate, pick Cosmos for Gran’s eightieth, climb the mountain that gets your heartbeat to 200bpm, go for a refreshing swim, read your favourite novel, restore that Morris Minor or whatever project you have in the garage and spend time with loved ones. We only live once on earth and time is precious.

Until next time!

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