Wyndford News – March 2022

Well, time seems to be running away…

For those of you wondering, yes I am late with the newsletter, and it has been an eventful and sloshy last six weeks. Our hearts are with the farmers in our area as they reap and sow, with dams collapsing and atrocious farm roads to navigate. At Wyndford 4 – 6 March we recorded 100mm on one side of the mountain and 104mm on the other!

On the plus side, it is beautifully green and lush and the cosmos is starting to paint the landscapes in pink and white. Always a favourite time of year… will be donning gumboots to take photos for you and yes, great idea – bring gumboots with you when you come!!


Last time we gave you a little bit of history, this time we’re bringing you up to date. Emma left us to work closer to home. We welcome Erard, a local lad who grew up in Fouriesburg, who will be taking care of you on hikes and assisting Rynhard with maintenance, and his new wife Denise who will be greeting you in reception. Simba is currently on leave in Zimbabwe, awaiting the arrival of their third child. The rest of us… still the same just older!

The gardens are keeping us busy, we did some serious pruning, cutting trees (yes I know it hurts) but three pine trees in two feet is not going to work, especially next to a tennis court… Currently as you look across from the drive you get an open view to the treehouse at Belsteen. We don’t ever seem to win the war with the weeds or get the grass cut in between downpours!

Some exciting things ahead!

We have some special events coming up the Scrapbooking weekend with Michelle van Wyk in September, don’t forget Father’s day in June and Mother’s Day in May. Woodpecker Tours do tours during the weeks for Seniors. Contact Philip Wood on 082-372 7930 or get in touch with us on 058-223-0275 or Whatsapp on 076-045 1551. Also in September is a Home School adventure week… the more the merrier so round up like minded families!

School Holiday’s are nearly here and if you haven’t booked yet… we’re ready for you!

The guys are up to speed with the hikes and although still no tractor access to the river due to the rains, there is always plenty to do (or nothing at all!) to do at Wyndford.

Have a look at our accommodation page to see what we can offer you!



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