Wyndford News – January 2022

Once upon a time…

Maybe for all our new guests, followers, friends and countrymen, it is time for us to retell the story of Wyndford. The name causes confusion on occasion! It originated with the first owner Millie Marten from Scotland and comes from the Wynd-ing road to the Ford – a river crossing at Caledonspoort that was the only place where a double span of oxen could cross the Caledon River, way back in the 1920’s. The first rooms on the farm were named after English hotels, namely Dorchester, Victory, Cecil, Savoy, Claridges, Crystal Palace and Victory and are still in use today. This explains why none of our rooms are the same! Added to over the years as the ownership changed many times, but always family owned and run. Lindy and George are the current owners and took over from Lyn (George’s sister) and Roy. 

While they can tell the story from 2004, there are also interested points in the farms history like the fact that our Summerhouse was built by the skilled Italian prisoners of war – still standing and enjoyed twice a day where tea and fresh homemade cakes and cookies are served.

Animals have always been a large part of Wyndford starting with Millie, her large cats and lots of horses. Today many little people come and ride horses that their parents rode as young people, although Zazu is now on retirement!

The explosion of technology means that you can now book on line via your phone – Instead of the old method of sending a cheque for your deposit via post. Life was a little less instant in those days. Even in 2004, the farm was still working on a hand written booking sheet – penciled in red until the booking confirmed then erased and coloured in green!

We all have memories over the years… family times, good food, mountain walks with stories of kids going down the slippery slide … can name a few who attempted that one!

Now it’s mountain biking, 4×4’ing, bowls, tennis courts, swimming pool and games room. Four square is still enjoyed and quite competitive on occasions, and milking the cow is an experience no one forgets… and then there is the bell! Free range kids for generations gather when the sound rings out – it’s time to eat and be together!

Come and experience this gem in the Eastern Free State. A holiday for the cook in the family with three delicious home cooked meals daily. Where granny can sit and gather the grandkids, or go zip lining with them! Friends meet year after year and gather round the braai. It’s your turn now to come and experience Wyndford…

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