Wyndford News – December 2021

We hope you are sitting with your feet up relaxing! … while someone else does the
cooking, dishes, entertaining the kids, decorations, lawn mowing, bedmaking… (ah sorry
for those who are not at Wyndford!)
On the serious side – We trust that this has been a wonderful time of celebration, family,
feasts and fun! We have had a good season with special guests. On that thought – we
would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported Wyndford by
visiting this year. We love having you and always try to go out of our way to ensure you
have an amazing Wyndford experience. You being here is a double win… you get a
holiday and we keep going!
We have some events planned for 2022 so that you can check with your diaries. Also,
we have already one company getaways booked, so if you are in business and need
team building… put us in your diary.
Along with pretty much the whole country, we have had a month of wellie boots and
jerseys. Wading rather than walking. It has been too wet for out rides so our horses now
walk to the gate with their eyes shut, but the little people don’t seem to mind. As long as
there is the occasional snort and tail flick, the chatter continues!
Last night was the first time everyone got to play action cricket this season and so four
square has become an Olympic sport! While the kitchen has kept us in good food and
spoilt us with all the usual Christmas treats, Father Christmas arrived in style in a beetle
with a red nose – the sleigh was stuck in the mud and Uncle George kindly lent him a
May we as the Wyndford Family, take this opportunity to wish you the very very best for
2022! Joy, good health, family and friends, success in studies or work and a spirit of
adventure (so that you can come and visit on the Free State roads…) As we salsa our
way into the new year with a Big Mexican wave!
Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that
overwhelm the world. Bishop Tutu 1931 – 2021

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