This has been one of the hardest newsletters to write. While we are greatly enjoying the arrival of our two new pups and the cycle of life, one can’t help but wonder why the current cycle seems to be mostly uphill…Wyndford is still for sale. While we felt three years ago it was time to let someone younger with more energy and business drive take over (people have always been our priority) this has not come to fruition. We are completely open to any offers, should you know someone who could take over the batton. We had a very quiet June, but were excited about our busy July ahead until last Sunday… we do feel for all of you who have suffered through having covid or lost someone close.

While we all keep very busy, George balancing numbers, Lindy on Social Media and chain sawing the invasive wattle, V is keeping everyone sane, the Burgers awaiting the birth of baby Schalk, Simba overseeing kitchen deep cleaning after our mammoth Marmalade marathon, Emma and Nadia graciously handling all the cancellations and Mike keeping things ship shape… and collecting bunnies from their international travels.

During lockdown we have lost many pigs, chickens and rabbits to some cross border…feeding scheme? However after buying in some new and beautiful bunnies (the children just love them) these were all stolen. While no help was forth coming from this side, the other side discovered our bunnies. They called us and retrieved our bunnies. They are now safely ensconced back at Wyndford and we don’t think they’ll be disturbed again for a while. (There was the one rabbit that escaped to live happily in Rynhard’s veggie garden for a few days…) The great news for the kitchen is that four of our cows are pregnant and due in two months. Which means they will go round to Wyndford, and we will once again be using our own milk!

This is a bleak time of year for the garden generally, but… The hellebores are budding and the snow drops are green and flowering. Back to that cycle of life – and the hope that spring brings. Our new girls are called Callie and Luna… but that is a story for next time! Stay well. Stay warm. And please keep coming whenever possible! Greetings from us all (yes, Humphrey that does include you…) at Wyndford! #discoverwyndford #wyndfordholidayfarm