June’s Joys…#discoverwyndford

On the 21st we start heading for Summer… just saying.  We are definitely well into winter with the palette having changed to golds and browns as trees stand bare against the winter skyline. The much hoped for snow did not materialise this side of Lesotho although we certainly felt the nip in the wind.

Winter means a busy kitchen with marmalade making in full swing. From the chopping, soaking, boiling, cooling (easily done at this time of year!) to the bottling and labelling – then the class of 21 will join the other jams in the store room.

Father’s day is around the corner and as usual we have some treats in store. Have you a 4×4 that doesn’t ever get put to the test… We have a route planned for the Saturday up to the castle and Boerewors rolls along the way. Then before Sunday lunch we have a special coffee tasting lined up plus all the usual goodies that Wyndford has to offer!

If you haven’t already booked the kids on the Wyndford Pony Club 19 – 23 July best do so soon! Numbers are limited – call the office 058-2230274 and the girls will tell you more. This is going to be a learning, fun filled, getting grubby, making friends kind of week.

The riders did the Willow Trees walk the other day… Zazu was delighted at the unexpected company. She did the whole walk tagging along behind, just not so happy to see them leave. She took off… them legs are working just fine!

Our spring is coming a little earlier with the arrival of two puppies.  Rocky has joined the Grumpy Old Men’s Club and not always kind to Milly. We are getting two brown Labrador cross Border collies, as friends for Sprocket and Milly respectively…we will await their arrival to give them names!

The fact that Wyndford made it through 2020 was a miracle. As the economy suffers from Covid, Eskom is gasping for breath, food prices like temperatures soar – Wyndford struggles with the after affects like so many others. We are grateful to you our faithful guests who continue to support us and give us hope! Thank you – Keep coming!!

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