New starts – We are waiting…!!

Bookings for September have been amazing – Thank you! While we may experience a few bumps of turbulence in taking off, we hope that we will soon have all the ‘new’ procedures slick. This week sees us excited and frantic getting everything ready… and if you walk past you could end up with anything from a rake, a paintbrush, or a mixing bowl in your hand as we all work like little Elves – well it does feel a bit like Christmas to us – preparing to welcome you all.Our Team is ready and waiting! Many of you know Natasja and Rynhard who are now our General Management Couple and Simba our Kitchen Manager. New for guests – although she has been chatting to you from reception for 5 months without seeing any of you, is Veronica (aka ‘Mama V’ or Ronni) and Nadia and Michael who join us in reception / walks and maintenance. We’re excited!There is plenty of tag and chase happening… with Humphrey and Millie taking turns in being the aggressor – and yes Humphrey usually being declared the winner (The Boss! after all). I think they have struggled with the lockdown as much as the rest of us with the lack of guests, and of course the saucers of milk he was given, easily convincing you that no one else had shared their morning tea with him!The horses are returning this week from holidaying on the warm side and are going to have to get back to working again – like the rest of us! Charlotte (the tortoise) also appeared, a little stiff and wobbly, for the first time in three months. Promptly devoured a cucumber and three bowls of water… (she was with you in the drinking restrictions of the last months!)There is a new well marked 15km hike for the brave. The bowling green and mini golf are having their annual facelift so are out of action but the boys will keep you walking…. Or you could just sit in a swing chair and breathe in our mountain air!The gardens have taken a beating this winter with a couple of -10 mornings and a few weeks with no water. However, the ever faithful daffodils, snowdrops and hellebore’s remind us of the cycle of life, new birth and hope! And this time we can actually say… See You Soon!!!Happy Greetings from the Wyndford Team