There are times…

when writing our newsletter is like a joyful stream – it just bubbles out.  Then there are times when it is more like delivering a baby.. whichever end you are at, it is just plain sweat and hard work.

In these times, it is a difficult balance between overly perfect or bluntly honest.  So many wonderful things… stopping to listen to the amazing sounds of birds blissfully singing to each other without the competition of worldly noise. Peace. They seem sweeter and louder somehow – and the different visitors we have had!  The mommy buck has taken to walking down the driveway with her baby (yes, taunting Molly and Sprocket) in the middle of the day. It does of course mean that should you want to play bowls at the moment, there are a few obstacles to challenge you…

Two of the saddest members of the team are our socialites, Milly and Humphrey. You’ve never seen two more miserable faces – Milly, usually with a tennis ball front and center of hers, and the disappointment when it’s me that rounds the corner and not some friendly children.  Now that the horses have gone next door for the winter grazing and some of our pigs went to market – the geese, chickens and rabbits have never felt more important!

So, you might ask, when can you come? Well, we have masks, gloves and sanitizer procedures in place – and have always tried to used products that give us the highest cleanliness standards possible.  We have a large workforce and essentially a restaurant so we constantly debate the ‘how’s, and seem to be challenged, even in the summerhouse – pouring tea together… the song from the Sound of Music comes to mind  ‘ How do you solve a problem like…’ comes to mind.

It is so exciting for us when people call to make a reservation, it gives us hope! and keeps us keeping on.  Thank you. We will let you know immediately we are allowed to welcome guests again… and for the old lady that is Wyndford to chug into life again. (Maybe then, this old lady can put her feet up and leave the gardening to someone younger!)

So going forward, may we remember the things we enjoyed and appreciated during lockdown. Also remembering the things we didn’t enjoy and give us new appreciation of life ahead with balance of frantic, fun, friends, family and feet up!

Until then, warm and happy greetings from us all

The Wyndford Team