Smile, stay strong, stay home and well, SMILE! So easy to say…

…not always easy to do, especially at a time like this.  Face masks protect us. But, it’s real hard to smile at people!

We spend most of our time reminding you to come and visit us soon… now we might be skipping two full seasons and welcoming you to Spring! It’s a strange, strange world indeed.

If you could come now… we have narcissi flowering and twin lambs born this morning… still awaiting names.  Nothing that remotely sounds like corona or virus please – would you eat a lamb chop named like that…? The pigs are once again in the news. This time they have literally eaten us out of house and home. With no kitchen running, the slop they usually consume – that makes them very tasty pork – is not forthcoming. We made a plan to pay for their food, then there was none in stock, although,  Rynhard has just zoomed (no not zoomed – that’s me…) off to the co-op as the call came in that food is available – content pigs once again tonight! (They’ll be relieved Rocket was next on the trial menu) Fortunately, there is still beautiful grass after the rains for the horses in the fields and the bunnies are enjoying the last of the mulberry leaves. We like everyone go by… a ‘boer maak a plan’!

George has been the busiest trying to keep this big ship that is Wyndford, sailing. The song that comes to mind… I get knocked down, but I get up again, you are never gonna keep me down… (minus the verses!) The bank says yes then say no, they don’t have the money… still no insurance movement, so lots of different avenues currently being explored.

Back to Winter, writing this listening to the pine cones dropping down the avenue of trees. Who needs paintball, we can offer dodgems – pretty shocking if they land on your head! Milly in her lack of little people to play with, has decided to dig to Australia, chasing moles along the way at Outlook… Needless to say, gardeners (me) are not impressed but on the bright side, we are standing on holy ground!

Family is important to us at Wyndford. As we celebrate Mothers on Sunday we take our hats off to those who have suddenly become teachers, Mrs Mops, fulltime playmates, and creative directors… our niece who is not a teacher, with two very energetic sons eventually sent them outside in their tiny London garden with two spades – then sat quietly (ahh) while the hole in the lawn got deeper and deeper, until their heads were just showing – such fun! … I guess next day the activity was to fill it up again!  Moms, we salute you all! (((hugs))) and roses.

Well, in closing, let there continue to be a sparkle in your eyes (the only visible bit…) and remember, even if your smile can’t be seen it will still do your soul good.

Warm regards from us all at Wyndford.