Welcome, to where there are no strangers only friends you haven’t met yet…

Barnaby arriving

As Barnaby discovered this weekend. 
A beautiful boy, he belonged to the Boddington family who have allowed him to join us on the farm. He travelled well, was happy to go with Isaac and started to meet the rest of the crew – with a special Maori greeting from Stormer! He has settled in well and enjoyed all his cuddles from the little people this weekend, and a few sneaked apples.
Father Christmas called to say he couldn’t make ’Christmas in July’– the reindeers are resting? (maybe his Rudolf is like our Molly) So, we are having another treat – between 15 and 22 July Kids stay for Free!! Whoop whoop call us now on 058-2230274. 
We had a few chilly minus mornings over the weekend but beautifully sunny and warm days (isn’t South Africa great), wonderful for hiking, tennis and family chats over tea. One thing bothered me though. Walking through the dining room at every table there was someone on a phone, instead of enjoying each other over a meal. It is why you came. So, an executive decision was taken – eish.. she is broken (also South African) three times a day . Being cell free has had it’s plusses and minus for people over the years and wifi is the same. We often found that after the initial groan about no connection even teenagers enjoyed down time.
Marvellous Marmalade making is in full swing after us finding the correct oranges and waiting while they picked them for us! Humphrey and Socks had a fascination with a hole for the last few days and spent long periods of time peering down (with occasional fishing sessions in up to his armpit) – the down side was that this was in the middle of the driveway…
So pretty much life on the farm – don’t forget about the July special – just do it! 
Until then stay well and warm.