Our latest News…


Well our new little girl has arrived… and been firmly put in her place (of course by Humphrey), she now knows who is the boss. Rocky is a little upset and grumbly – like old men are sometimes. She has not yet met Sprocket, nor Molly – we thought a little grace period before the whirlwind that is Molly is presented. We have decided to name her after Wyndford’s founder in celebration of our centenary next year… we present to you Millie! She is a Border Collie and is currently 12 weeks old – we hope she will settle well and become another special member of the Wyndford family.

The Original Millie….

Come and meet her… we have a bus scheduled for a week at Wyndford, 5 – 10 May 2019, for those of you who don’t like to negotiate the roads. Be collected, delivered, refreshed, replenished and dropped back! Space is limited on the bus so call now to make a reservation 058-2230274. You never know the cosmos might still be out and decorating the route!

It is currently so beautiful. Wherever you look the fields are adorned with pinks and white. Especially after the glorious rains we have had, with green rolling fields…A photographers happy place! (Someone recently said that the Free State is just flat – they certainly have never been to the beautiful Eastern Free State Highlands).

Cosmos – everyones favourite

Along with Millie we have new lambs – Zola, Chip and Dale (yes, Angelique’s new rule – all names have to be four letters – have you ever tried to write Genevieve on a sheep’s ear tag?) as well as some baby bunnies.

Our new hiking trail is beautiful, you might puff (well ok, some of us do) – but it is well worth it – the views are spectacular! The horses now also do a similar route, which is about two hours, if you prefer to sit and see the scenery! 
Looking ahead, for those energetic folk – our Trail Run is taking place on the 31 August 2019 – a great weekend to say farewell to Winter with a Spring in your step!