We have a new furry presence at the farm.  Meet Humphrey, a local lad about three months old who just joined the Wyndford team. It is good to have this little pitch black bundle of fun with a V8 engine after a sad year of losing so many special animals. 

It is also exciting to welcome back guests who have been joining us for Christmases past – much like family coming home. Catching up with news, seeing how the kids have grown and chatting about upgrades around the farm and in their rooms since last visit.   Fun to see friends greeting friends made at Wyndford, who enjoying meeting up again.
We have thrown Hannalien into the deep end at Wyndford! She has been with us just a short while and running the kitchen at this time of year is certainly trial by fire! Look out for her and give her a warm welcome… she, and our faithful team will be feeding you! 

Well, we thought that if we bought Molly a halo and some wings for Christmas it might make her … well, good…. Didn’t work!!! Obviously behaving just does not sit comfortably with her – Sprocket insists that she could have told me that, before we purchased the shiny headgear.  Ah well, off the wall she may be but we all love the girls!

Our reindeer greet you as you make your way down the drive where Rudolf gives you a warm welcome at reception.  We mentioned that they have new coats… and here they are in all their Christmas Glory!  
The Cake is ready, the menus planned, Santa has our co-ordinates and all that is left for us to say is once again we wish you…
Mary’s Joy
Joseph’s Wonder
Jesus’ Peace
The Wise Men’s Awe
The Shepherds Excitement
And Gabriel’s Hope
Until we get to see you …. stay well and travel safe if you are on the move over the festive period, we’ll chat again in 2018.
PS: Molly’s letter …..“Dear Santa before I explain… how much do you know already?”