The latest news from Wyndford…

It’s been an interesting month since our last newsletter… We have had a late chilly spring snow in the mountains, our first rains of the season which washed everything – you could almost hear the plants sigh with relief after the long dry winter.  We have added twins Jack and Jill as well as Snowy and Shawn (obviously…) to our sheep family, as well as three goslings and the first ducklings for many years.

The garden is in its first bright green flush of roses, strawberries and …oodles of spinach! Spinach pancakes, spinach tart, Spinach tagliatelle….. spinach burgers?

We continually try to upgrade our rooms to keep them fresh and bright. The maintenance team has fortunately not had to do any firefighting and the buildings just seem to stand out brighter after the rain and because of all the new growth.
As you might know we adopted Peter who is a rescue dog.  He is a bit of border collie plus something, and we have struggled with him and he with us.  However, progress is evident and twenty kids this past weekend was enough to see that we are just too busy and confusing for him. We wish him well and hope he finds a small quiet space and someone to love soon.
All little people get padkos on departure……

Having just done the trip from us to Sani top we remind all those with a sense of adventure, that Wyndford is a great place from which to explore the wonderful world that is Lesotho. The road to Sani is tarred all the way and took about three and a half hours. Katse is also an option in the other direction and well worth a visit.  If mountains are your thing, put it in your bucket!!

Remember November …is Cherry and Asparagus time! Call for a booking now to ensure that you get to sample the great flavours and fun.  Also, advance notice of a tour group scheduled for February if you are happier for someone else to do the driving.
Enjoying all of this for a two night stay for two out of season will be Savhanna Brown who is our monthly draw winner.  Whoop whoop, come and enjoy!
Until next time we wish you warm and happy days. 

We have decided that from now on our calves are going to get short names, so they fit on their earings…!