July news… the Sepia Edition

Why the sepia edition? I hear you say….. well it seems that the Eastern Free State is painted  in shades of brown and gold at this time of the year. A sandstone palette, the mielies are being harvested leaving cream cornrows, bunches of golden grasses are being collected for thatching, the trees stand bare and the leaves crunch under foot … even the puppies blend in!

  Keeping in the brown theme of things we have three new calves… Mandy and a first for us, twin boys! Also recently arrived, little lambs the 6th and 7th!  (Our flock is growing)  Zazu did herself an injury, again, what is it with horses, but is looking well now and we were wondering if it was just an excuse to spend time being coddled in the paddock. Our first beehive is now in location and hopefully we will be able to offer you homegrown honey along with all our other organic produce in the future.

Well, our limited satellite internet is a thing of the past. After successfully installing fibre we can now offer our guests uncapped access, although it often takes just a few days on the farm for the gadgets to get sidelined!  Fresh air and free space beckons….
We have been brushing up on our chocolate mousse… white chocolate, coffee infused, chunky, smooth…Yum!  Although our crème bruleé still seems to take top awards!
 Remember that during the July / August school holidays the 20% discount for 4 nights applies as does the Senior Discount so round up the whole family!  Also, keep a lookout on www.facebook.com/WyndfordHolidayFarm for any last minute specials and up to date news.
Whoop whoop… Michelle Fuchs you are our monthly draw winner!  We look forward to welcoming you to Wyndford for your two night stay out of season.  Head off to the website to enter on www.wyndford.co.za

Until next time stay well and warm, Greetings from the Wyndford Team.