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Winter hit this morning with a minus five recorded…. Frozen water bowls for the animals and the geese pretending to be swans as they glide (or rather slip slide!) over the ponds icy surface… with very little grace!

   The hellebores with their delicate shades and flowers make the garden a little less bleak at this time of the year. Our winter seedlings are all planted and as long as the buck do not eat them for dinner, we can now look forward to springtime.  Our big tree was successfully taken down without any damage to the Ark, Summerhouse or dining room, unfortunately a few roses and pride of India bush were not so lucky. Guests have been enjoying the supply of wood in the form of hearty log fires in the dining room and lounge.
 On a quiet morning last week, our staff had a first experience…. they all went horse riding!  With much hilarity and not a single quiet moment, young, old, cooks, waitresses and housekeeping staff tentatively mounted up and clipped off down the drive. I can attest to the fact that the view from on top is wonderfully different!
 Many of you have asked how Dozer is, especially with the advent of the puppies in his life. They all walked with Celvin this morning and are getting along well.  Molly and Sprocket are quite used to a grumpy older brother in the form of Dodge, although having said that, the three of them had great fun chasing imaginary sheep around the garden before breakfast, with a constant commentary from our very vocal Husky!
After the recent snowy weekend and cold temperatures, we checked on the tortoises and they seem to be happy in hibernation.  Although we’re a little concerned as Charlotte is warmly tucked up, feet inside whereas Perry is spread eagle, legs outside ….. maybe it’s a boy thing?!  Button is doing well and snug in her warmed accommodation.
 As the schools break for winter holidays remember that during the July / August school holidays the 20% discount for 4 nights applies as does the Senior Discount so round up the whole family!  Looking  ahead, September and October are beautiful here in the Eastern free state and at Wyndford in particular and there are tours planned in November for those not wanting to drive.
Thanks to all those who entered the monthly draw… this month’s winner is Fransa Vorster. We look forward to welcoming you to Wyndford for your two night stay out of season. 
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Warm Greetings from the Wyndford Team