Well, it is hard to describe how beautiful the Eastern Free State has been lately. Pictures just don’t seem to do it justice, but clear blue skies and wonderful bright yellows and oranges splashed liberally around the countryside definitely give the ‘Wow’ factor! We have also had some soaking rains, fairly unusual for us at this time of year, but very welcome.
Cosy under floor heating and log fires keep everyone warm as the temperatures drop and winter steps into view.  Enjoy a brisk hike, cycle or horse ride to appreciate the scenery and get the blood circulating!  The puppies are enjoying their walks, and have persuaded me to do the bench walk there and back…. As one way round they get to the end, tails wagging with more written all over their faces!  Keeping up is hard to do!  One forgets how small they were and how much they have grown…. They now have to duck to get under benches that previously they sailed under – with slight concussion resulting when they forget about the extra inch on their legs!
Our special for May was so well received we have decided to repeat it for June!  … from 3 – 13 June 35% off for everyone! (Min 2 nights) and yes, it does still include all meals and morning and afternoon teas! Also, remember during the June/ July / August school holidays the 20% discount for 4 nights applies as does the Senior Discount so round up the whole family! Book now to avoid disappointment..
Great excitement as we take delivery of another rescued tortoise. She is much smaller than Charlotte or Perry and will live next to Claridges for now, so that we can feed her up and keep her under a red light during the winter.
Our new tree house, near Belsteen manor (the old apricot tree died but we were reluctant to cut her down) is coming on well.  Just ready for the thatching, Adirondack chairs and another room with a view will be ready to enjoy that good book…. Or just a quiet snooze!
Thanks to all those who entered the monthly draw… this month’s winner isJames Marallich.  We look forward to welcoming you to Wyndford for your two night stay out of season. 
Head off to the website to enter on www.wyndford.co.za and we will keep you up to date on www.facebook.com/WyndfordHolidayFarm with all the news.

Warm Greetings from the Wyndford Team