The Reindeer Edition…

Well, from the luxurious lushness of Spring, we quickly toppled into a dusty windy and dry month. After waiting desperately we were thrilled to have 36mm of wonderful rain on Friday evening.  A few cold mornings later but with beautiful crisp blue skies and gardens looking greener for having had a good wash!

The cherries were in fine form this year, even to still being around for the festival this last weekend. We have picked our first crop of apricots and the grapes and plums are coming along well. 
Despite just coming through winter the horses are looking fat and well fed… need to get them up to speed soon for all the walks to the gate and back and it is quite possible they have forgotten the meaning of the word gallop!  Our four girls, Vanilla, Chocolat, Mooose and Ginger are all doing well in the cowpen and we are happy to say that Rainbow (our chicken..) managed to successfully hatch and rear her chick after nesting 10 feet up in a tree. Perry, well what can one say about Perry… he continues to pace the length and breadth of the garden, eats the dogs bones, devoured a plate of putu – no wonder he was giving us dirty looks on a diet of cucumber and salad – in other words generally causing mayhem.  The next thing will be to get a tag so we can measure his distance travelled and speed!  (Many enlightening suggestions received on achieving this, I might add)
Dozy, Wynnie and Ponti
To those of you joining us for the festive season, Santa has our co-ordinates and we have it on good authority that the reindeers are looking forward to seeing you… (even if they weren’t so happy to see me and my camera!) To those not joining us, ag shame… we wish you a relaxing and special holiday season as well! Or you could give the office a ring and still enjoy some time out with us 058-2230274 – don’t delay!
Renee Pietersen is our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people!   It could be you – head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.
Happy holidays from the Wyndford Team
Fun Bowls Week in Full Swing