We were asked recently…  “Is Wyndford a good place for a family get together?” Absolutely, was my immediate response! Family is what we are about and like nothing better to have tables of excited guests sharing meals that no-one had to worry about preparing and just simply enjoy each other.  Plan in advance, round everyone up from across the world and all corners of South Africa, we feed and look after you and you have fun with each other!! Something for young and old to do together and no-one stresses as to who is to cook and clean.
Always great to see our return guests and catch up with the latest family news. Folk who come as young marrieds, then bring along the next generation of Wyndford kids – we enjoyed the Evertse’s latest visit along with their recently added threesome!
Maybe we can borrow the words from Tracey van den Berg  “Our few days at Wyndford Holiday Farm continued in much the same way…eating, hiking, horse riding, tennis, sleeping, games and eating some more. So what made this so special?  Well, the fact that we spent so much quality time together as a family. No outside influence. No television – not once in 5 days – and no junk food.  Somehow the air that you breathe seems fresher and the pillow you lay your head to rest on seems so much more welcoming. It’s like inhaling a deep breath and exhaling all the unhealthy “stuff” that we have somehow allowed into our lives. If you have ever wanted to stop the frenetic pace of life and just bail out, then Wyndford Holiday Farm is your hide away and lastly, the Free State is unbelievably beautiful!”
Life on the farm continues, with never a dull moment – went shopping for catnip last week and came back with 6 chickens… Rainbow, Supreme and Rocklands are now well settled in the farmyard and Oh, as it has been so warm, Charlotte (our tortoise) is out of hibernation albeit a little sluggish. The fruit trees are all pruned, the roses are underway and this week saw the work start on the bowling green – it puts a smile on my face as we see Sping slowly start to emerge!

Joining us soon will be Jane Ritchie  – our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people!   It could be you – head off to the website to enter on www.wyndford.co.za and we will keep you up to date on www.facebook.com/WyndfordHolidayFarm with all the news.