June News from the farm

 Have you ever tried to plant seedlings with a husky watching every move… note to self for future… do not use bonemeal  – the plants might like it but the husky can’t resist!  I am nervous to venture out to the garden at Den and Cabin to see if the seedlings there have survived the night, no not the minus temperature, rather being eaten by the buck.  Celvin did see him ambling past the Ark and Dorchester, in no particular hurry the other evening – I think he thinks that we plant all these delicious things just to keep him going over winter and for no other reason.  As for the dassies at the gate garden… well that is a whole other story!
 Neither the Buck nor the Dassies were abliging about a photo shoot so herewith some winter gems!
We are once again expectantly waiting.  Daddy Emu is splayed out on the floor covering (we don’t know how many) beautiful blue eggs.  One needs to approach with caution as M and U are very protective… watch this space!  The bunnies are just relaxing and recouping until the next school holidays.
I have just responded to someone, that I will be faxing their form to them – as soon as my new computer….talks to my old printer! I have new everything it would seem, including wrinkles and grey hairs.  The website as a new update – I have to learn how to use it all over again, hence no new pictures.  Facebook has a new look on our ‘page’ (check it out…) although I can’t quite seem to work out some of the things I used to do on it.  The new computer (wow, it looks good and is fast) but I keep wanting to slide my fingers across the screen – Windows 8 – and spend a lot of time going round in circles and even Epsom (the big daddy photographic printer) doesn’t have a driver (?) yet…. So this brings me to Christmas.  
How… I hear you say!
Well, every year in planning the menu, I strive for something new (pudding suggestion looks exciting – thanks Natasha!) But, would it be good just to have the familiar, same old… tradition? Where you know ahead of time what to expect and can enjoy the anticipation.  Where the familiar is safe, known and no change is presented.  I digress…
Charlotte the tortoise has moved lodgings – the sandstone bank she had chosen kept crumbling and only allowed for parallel parking (she is a girl, she can do it).  As of a few days ago, just ahead of our minus 6 this morning, Charlotte is now safely parked into last year’s bay,  garage style.
Nothing much changes at Wyndford.  We tweak and always try to improve everything,  but we can be relied upon (since 1923ish) to be here as you remember.  There is availability for the August (still winter Mrs Morton) school holidays, as well as the September break – aaaah Spring in the making – but that is for another time.
Our monthly draw winner for this month is Erika Geerthsen!
Stay warm, well and know you are always welcome at Wyndford.

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  1. Hi there! I went to St Martin's High School and attended a maths camp held at Wyndford in August last year (2013). Wyndford truely touched my heart, from the hot chocolate delivered to our dorms in the cold morning to the breathtaking hikes with Jaco and Dover (The worlds most energetic dog), I loved every minute of it! Although the maths was tough, it was the nurturing, loving amd safe environment, along woth a lot of good food, that got us through it! I often think of Wyndford and the people I met there and I am certain that I will return to Wyndford as soon as I get my first pay cheque! Keep up the awesome work and until we meet again, keep practicing your bowls!

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