You just have to read to the end… to see our Chilly Season Special.
Well, someone who is not chilly is Mary, Little Lamb and Rambo – woolly coats are a great plus in this weather but not much fun during black jack season… they are looking more like overgrown hedgehogs!!
We are reliably informed by some of our guests that our pigs speak English (?) and the Emu’s are once again courting… we think.  I was going to say, onto the two legged news – but that would include the Emu’s and then you might consider me as featherbrained.

Jaco has departed for London town, and apart from getting lost once or twice seems to be enjoying himself and all things new and exciting. Michael joined us after the Easter weekend and his head has not stopped spinning with something new to learn each day!  (he now understands why there was no job description…). Jenny is off on three weeks leave and Angelique and Celvin have been considering this time last year, when Celvin was in hospital with a broken back.  Thankfully recovered well enough to have taken Cassidy and Sebastian on the bench walk yesterday – at 18 months, Sebastian made it all the way with only a few trip ups – we teach them young on the farm!
After many years of deliberation, 100 Hellebores and 100 Peonie bulbs were purchased for the gardens.  It has been a slow but exciting procedure to get everything in the ground – along with the 1000 or so seedlings… (roll on Spring!) The only miscue was having one of my three gardeners on leave and the other having heart surgery, needless to say, I have spent a fair bit of time on my knees lately… (I shall stand in line next time Ponty gets a pedicure).
Ok, so you have waited long enough – herewith our…
Time to put your feet up Chilly Season Special…

30th May – 1st June2014 Adults pay full rates & children under the age of 12 yrs stay for free! (the kids have to belong to you!)…. between the 17th June and the 27th June 2014  Pay for 2 nights stay for 3  or Pay for 4 nights & Stay for 6!!     If you can’t make use of this fantastic offer – share with someone who could!
And as a reminder to the teachers and all out there who can’t take holidays in term time, remember our special 20% discount over June and July for a 4 night or longer stay. If you are already booked to join us at this time and want to head up to play in the snow (none as yet), check your passports as you will need them to go into Lesotho.
Well, must dash, the boys are cooking up a storm at the braai (or that might just be Starling pie..)!
Congratulations to our monthly draw winner, Ryan Hill.

Until next time, warm greetings from us all at Wyndford. 

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