Well, it would seem that we are definitely moving closer to Spring.. Charlotte (the tortoise) has moved – about 4m from her previous location – which she has been in for the last three months. The Buntings arrived in their flocks and rose pruning started (ten down, eighty to go!).  Also, the bowling green is now officially closed after waiting completion of the Wyndford / St Martins Maths camp challenge. (Which we won, this year Yay! but,…… they will be back!)

For those of you who have not met the new kid on the block – here is a picture of our baby goat who is now more nimble, less wobbly, enjoying head butting lessons with dad, Yodel and climbing lessons with his mom.  We are eagerly awaiting to see if E, M and U actually managed to hatch their babies.  Nine beautiful blue eggs still under dad, one rolled out this last week and diligently covered with leaves.  We presume that it did not make it?!  
Unfortunately, country life comes with the down sides as it does anywhere.  We had to put Zoey down after her leg was badly broken by a deft kick from Dusty.   Hard to look into her liquid chocolate eyes and say goodbye.   Apparently, a freak occurrence, but sad none the less. Dusty has now been seen by our local horse therapist, with another session next week…

Our July specials were enjoyed by guests who decided to brave the Eastern Free State winter, although there were days when it was so warm the fire in the lounge was not necessary and only lit for cosy ambiance. No snow for the farm this year it would appear, but let’s not speak too soon!

The weekend for the star gazing is full and hopefully will inspire all budding astronomers!   Our fun and relaxed Bowls week which takes place after the Cherry Festival in November is still on the roll and there is still time to join one of the tours from the retirement villages in Johannesburg. Give Angelique or Jenny a call now on 058-2230274 for more information.

As you can see from the picture, Celvin is doing well 4 months on from his accident which saw him with a broken back, and enjoyed playing bowls (under Angelique’s beady eye!). When he ventures to play action cricket we will break into the Hallelujah chorus! (which I enjoyed hearing young Thomas  – 6 years –  singing down the passage when he didn’t know anyone was listening…..!!)

Facebook for those who use it, is a way to keep up with any specials or news from Wyndford.  Here is the link that you can Like to be connected to us https://www.facebook.com/WyndfordHolidayFarm.  We’re also able to load photographs  which we cannot send out with our newsletter, such as the aerial pictures taken from a helicopter. Let us know if you are receiving our newsletter more than once, we do respect your inbox and try to keep it as simple as possible!

Thanks to all those who enter our monthly draw. August’s winner is Antonella Dixon.

Looking forward to being able to welcome you to Wyndford’s  beauty in the Springtime!
Warm regards from us all, your Wyndford Team.