June Newsletter

We thought we would make this newsletter the sepia edition! 
We are bathed in the winter palette of oranges, browns and golds… and dust.
These pictures were taken on a recent trip to the end of the farm for tea, (no, Maluti does not drink tea, at least not as far as we know…) which incidentally tastes better in the veld, boiled in a billy can and drunk from a tin cup (especially if it’s moms!) The little chap in the back pack had an easy ride with Dad – one day he will want to ride the bike and Dad will wish he was back in the backpack!
I never thought that waking up with temperatures in the minus for the last month, would see me wishing for a cold front?!…but with the possibility of snow that accompanies this, there is always such excitement at the thought of building snowmen and generally behaving like kids – even if you have grey hair.  Charlotte, our tortoise, is still well dug in to the bank and surviving the winter well.  She hisses grudgingly at me every morning when I check on her (possibly muttering under her breath about stupid humans disturbing her hibernation…)
We have a special running from the 22nd July to the 2nd August – stay for 4 and pay for 3 nights or stay for 7 and pay for 5 nights (yes really!) Just imagine putting your feet up, or walking, reading, connecting with family, building a snowman (well – maybe!), being fed and cared for…. If it sounds good give us a call now to book your place – 058-2230274.
At this time of year one can hardly call our bowling green green but bowling brown doesn’t sound right. However, by the time November comes the running will be smooth and green and we have a fun tournament planned.  Arrive on the 24th depart on the 29th November, no whites necessary, no formality, no special abilities required…just a few days of relaxing in the country with likeminded bowlers and perhaps your name on the trophy!
If you are facebookers, like us on   https://www.facebook.com/WyndfordHolidayFarm or alternatively directly from our website on www.wyndford.co.za to be able to share any news and specials with your friends and families.
The Wyndford family have had many comings and goings with the Smith’s meeting up with their kids in Italy, Jenny and Jaco taking leave and Hannes will be relieved to get out of the office (cutting fabric lids and tying bows were not in his male sphere until Wyndford reception).  Celvin is back (!) at work and is already driving so making great progress! (he can even survive the Wyndford church pews for an hour each week….)
Our monthly draw winner for this month is the lucky Kevin Engler!
Don’t forget, get on the phone to take advantage of our wonderful winter woppa!
From all of us on the Wyndford Team, stay well, warm and we hope to see you soon!