We have beautiful clear skies as I write this, which is fantastic, as we have a Star Gazing weekend in full swing. Last time we thought we were safe, planning it in the middle of winter, but alas, it poured unseasonal buckets!

In the space of two months we have gone from being under a blanket of snow to being sprung! Wonderful to see everything green and blossoming again. The fruit trees are full of little kernels, giving the prospect of a good jam session later in the year. The roses are starting to bloom, the snowball bush is in full swing and the peonies are looking hopeful. Not only the garden that has sprung! ‘M’ has a new coat of pitch black feathers – she’s gone from being a bald emu to a black backed emu. Sebastian was also sprung, arriving safely on the 8th of October to a proud Celvin, Angelique and Cassidy. Behaving impeccably, sleeping and eating well – and in looks – a Celvin mini-me!

Wyndford the cat, was also sprung, although he was hoping no-one was watching! Seconds after the picture was taken he slid ignominiously off the bakkie, muttering about Toyota’s and rounded roofs.

The spinach, carrots and vegetable garden in general, is flourishing and great to be able to use our own fresh produce again after a long winter. We are as yet undecided about whether to plant pumpkins again….

The bowling green is, once again green and improving daily. With so little rain around it has been slow but looking like it will be smooth rolling in time for the Wyndford Bowls Tournament next month.

Join us from the 2nd – 4th November for our Walking with Wildflowers weekend. Prof Ashley Nicholas from Natal will be enlightening us on the wonderful wild flowers growing on Wyndford. Flowers, walks, talks, fresh air, great food…. Give the girls in the office a call now! If you know someone who would enjoy this pass the email along… an opportunity not to be missed.

As the year starts pulling the covers over its head, we wish all ‘Wyndford’ students well with your exams and remember holidays are just around the corner! We hope to see you then…

Congratulations to Marie-Louise Koekemoer you are our monthly draw winner for October!

Greetings from us all, the Wyndford Team

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  1. Reading this made me feel like I was there! Sounds beautiful and boy do I miss it, and all of you. Lots of love to everyone

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