May we share our news….

Our trees all stand nude in the minus temperatures of the last few weeks – it does equal a very happy husky! Thanks to all those concerned about him, he has been on some different medication and is back to his normal bouncy self. It would appear to have been the same sort of bug as biliary but all seems sorted now.

For all interested birders, we once again (remember the bearded sparrow…) have a new bird species spotted at Wyndford. We have bald Ibis in residence and breeding, and now we also have the new (and not so improved) bald Emu. Oooops. He/she, we are still not sure which, was isolated and attacked by the other two Emu’s who seem to be mating and became separated outside the fence and (4 stiches in Celvin’s ear later) started ambling up the ‘S’ bends towards Fouriesburg. The following morning our men picked him/her up on their way to work and we have been nurturing ever since. Still bald (and possibly chilly) he/she seems content and recovering in the paddock next to the others.

Jaco has been busy pioneering a new and different horse trail up into Ibis Gorge, but alas, my sneaky planned first trial of the route was snookered by George – broken ankles and old age can be a handicap!! Cotton wool here we come….

We are very grateful for wonderful log fires (and underfloor heating) – so don’t be afraid of visiting in winter. Walking is a treat and the clear views of the marvelous Maluti Mountains in the distance as they are bathed in the pink and blue hues of the late evening are amazing. (There are still a few rooms available for the winter Amateur Astronomy weekend in June).

As noted in our blog (see our website) the Olympic qualifier – the Tour de Free State came through this morning with our Wyndford banners flying we cheered the cyclists on for the all of four seconds as they flitted though the town! Cycling at Wyndford and the local surrounds is a wonderful (and distant memory for some of us…) experience. The off road routes are amazing and the roads are calm and beautiful. Also, note, that the river road to Agate bank has been done by over sixty’s as well as three year old twins on push bikes. However, the continuance round the mountain is a challenge not for the faint hearted!

A recent incident with a guest being accosted as they ventured onto the end of the farm, saw George sitting under a tree on the Lesotho side of the Caledon with the local Chief (and the Whole village) as the three, three foot high perpetrators were given a hiding that had George cringing. No problems since!

We understand the difficulties of the financial situations that plague SA, and the world, but in all the stresses we would like to believe that time away at Wyndford is still worth the money and effort to recharge those batteries to keep on keeping on!

Thanks to all who entered our monthly draw on the website. The May winner is Gareth Van Hooschooten

Our warm wishes to you all, and hoping to hear from you soon, greetings from the Wyndford Team

PS I did eventually master the click song (of our last newsletter) and our team photos are now on our Wyndford Gallery Page!!