Into our chilly morning, we have a sneaky – from the wrong direction – warm wind blowing. Almost like snow weather… The trees are shedding their Autumn plumage, sad…I’m definitely a green person…but still fun to go sloshing through the newly gathered piles of leaves. It makes you feel young again!

As much as I like surprises, the expectedness of the mushrooms poking up and the pine trees popping off their ‘rose’ cones makes one tend to want to gather for winter. (I would have made a good squirrel) The pantry is full of jams and preserves and the last of the pears is resolutely clinging on, but not for much longer. In fact until tomorrow – pears poached in red wine with mascarpone and nuts sounds good.

The animals have been in the wars. Max, the cat from home, got himself subdivided on the razor wire (a hazard of living near a border post) and now has a zip effect down the front of his fur coat! Zoey the mare has a problem with her eye and has a permanent wink, which of course Ponty in the stall next door chooses to misinterpret. He hasn’t been rescued from any more compromising and embarrassing situations recently – we have in the past, proved that stallions can blush!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend and the weather was mostly kind to us. Just a few gusts while agate hunting in the Caledon sent us all home well and truly dusted, but a good time was had by all and proved that there is no age limit to being kids! Photos posted onto our Wyndford facebook page for anyone wanting to check out if I caught their ‘good’ sides, as well as updates on our blog, which you can access through our website.

This last weekend we enjoyed being introduced to Sam, the new son of a Wyndford bride and her husband – great to welcome the next generation of little Wyndford guests (and have some cuddles). You might have also spoken to Jenny in reception at some stage, she is a mom with two kids who lives in Fouriesburg and has joined us in the office. Jaco, also a local lad, is being put through our fitness programme – learning all the walks and outdoor activities. We are happy to have them both on our team. (If I ever manage to master the click song…no not the Xhosa one… the one that means I can edit the pictures on the web page gallery – click here, click there everywhere a click click – maybe muddling my songs…anyway I digress). Celvin and Angelique are sixteen weeks into the manufacture of a brother for Cassidy.. more cuddles coming! Yay!

Thanks to all who entered our monthly draw on the website. The lucky April winner is Santie Walters.

Celvin’s picture of the trees, heading off to Agate bank and our first chess game…albeit more like draughts me thinks! We look forward to being able to welcome you to Wyndford sometime soon! Greetings from us all