I am the excited owner of a laptop (things happen slowly in the country), and it is with glee that I tell you I am writing this newsletter sitting outside on the grass, surrounded by mountains and the sound of birdsong….ok, also with a dog breathing over each shoulder… I spent the last two days being in reception but not on the computer. We have had our main computer upgraded, with all the usual hiccups… and remote control corrections (a very weird feeling to watch the mouse move of its own accord on your screen). I used the down time to redo all the old photo albums in the lounge. It was an interesting exercise and just inspires looking for more information on the history of Wyndford. We recently received a brochure from 1967 from a guest who now resides in Holland. The rate per person per night was R2.75 with an en suite bathroom 50 cents extra. A deposit of 50 cents was required. (Sorry we can’t beat that but see our last minute special below!) Donkeys and lambs were also around in those days apparently, and although not presently seen at Wyndford, I can report that Eee, Em and You (our resident Emu’s for those who have not met them yet) are well settled in their new paddock and have learnt very quickly to identify the sound of Lucas walking down the road with their bucket of food. It would appear that Autumn is whistling in on the wind. The leaves are starting to turn and fall (messy but fun!) and there is a distinct cooling of an evening. Although we had 16mm rain last night there is still not sufficient in the Caledon to go tubing at present, but the slightly cooler temperatures makes walking and cycling pleasant (is cycling ever pleasant… please tell me it gets easier!) The cosmos is also spectacular this year with whole fields rippling in pink and white. One good reason to let Dozer, Shane, George or Celvin lead the walk from the front is the large number of Golden Orb Spiders with their amazing webbing skills! For all those who have missed the turnoff to Caledonspoort and Wyndford in the past, you will be pleased to know that after 7 years of waiting, as of this week we now have new signage at and around the crossroads. Unfortunately, one or two were put directly behind the old ones. As for other traveling information, we can confirm that there are potholes and road works on all approaches to Wyndford at present!

I leave you with this delightful picture taken recently of two little chaps on the dining room steps putting the world right, with the ever present and patient Dozer lending an ear. Our monthly draw winner this month is Eleanor Smith. We look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully making use of our last minute special. Greetings from us all at Wyndford.