little late on the blogging front lately…

We have two large family groups just arrived. It is such a delight to see little cousins from other ends of the world getting to know one another and having fun. Wyndford has always been a great place for family. There is also something about a horse that is special, long before we see Maluti or Dusty come into view down the driveway we can hear the busy chatter of little voices, when even the quietest of children seem to be empowered and enthralled by the gentle sway of what would seem to them to be a very large animal. We have seen many cowboys in the making.

The Red Chested Cuckoo (or Piet-my-vrou) has been heard and seen and we are pleased to announce that we have had 8mm rain last night. Good to start slow as the walking trails are very dusty and would be washed away if we had too much in one go. We have worked on the bicycle trail and made it easier (?) to ride – not quite a double highway but apparently a good ride, difficult and technical but not extreme, according to guests.

If you are coming down to us from Joburg areas, the Villiers route is under (proper!) construction and not just sand filling the holes. There are three holding points between Villiers and Frankfort which could take you up to 30 minutes to travel. If however you are fortunate with your timing, as I was last week, you can slip through with no delays at all. This route is fine during the day but would maybe recommend the Warden Bethlehem route if you are traveling at night.

Good news to report on the water front! After four tries and 120 metres, we struck water and now have a borehole, which George reported this morning filled the tanks in one hour, We walked through the trees at the tanks and had our first sips of crystal clear wonderful Wyndford water, straight out the pipe!

Family news.. we have 10 little yellow goslings (and counting!) Angelique, Celvin and Cassidy are back from leave and Shane and Patricia are planning a special time in Durban for her birthday celebrations in November. Lindy is on her way to England to visit Josh and Kirsty and hopefully to be there when Kirsty gets her pilots license. Minei is off to Bloemfontein to pursue a career with the Foshini Group, where we wish her well but note that the staff table will be a little less raucous from now on…

It seems like the year is running away and it is nearly Christmas…Don’t leave it too late to plan for the revitalizing break after a year well done.