Crispy, is a good way to describe Wyndford at the moment…The grass is brown and crunchy, the leaves brittle and falling – great fun actually once they have been raked into a pile! Trees are standing bare and quiet and the fence poles are topped with frost each morning. (Dodge has been seen lying early morning covered in a layer of frost making ‘snow angels’ – heaven on earth for a Husky!) It is also fun to see how a few flurries of snow around the farm can bring people out from warm firesides twirling with glee (whatever their age)! These pictures show how different and special each season at Wyndford is.…

Fire is always a worry at this time of year, especially when due to the good rains in summer the grass is standing near as tall as me. Last week we were alerted to a crackling red rim all round us as the top of the mountain burned brightly. Fortunately there was not a breath of wind and although the blackened ground is not great, the threat to Wyndford has now considerably lessened.

I am pleased to say that I am not the only one surprised by Pork Chop… I don’t feel quite so much like a city girl anymore. So here we introduce him, (the Big one) next to a horse which gives you some idea of his size, having said that, he still needs to be seen to be believed!

We had a very festive braai with everybody in the Shed for the Bafana match, unfortunately all our shouting didn’t seem to make a difference! On a quiet day recently, we decided to show our staff that there are other games besides football, and we played foozeball, table tennis and snooker and then took them all outside and taught them how to play bowls. With much hilarity and competition, but with very little expertise, we decided this sport only takes one roll to make people lean either to the left or to the right!

Our winner of a two night mid week stay for two is Val Chilcott. We look forward to being able to welcome you to Wyndford.

♫ Music to your ears (and wallets)…….
We are offering a special discount of 30% for all adults (you don’t have to be a golden oldie to qualify for this one) for the weekend of 16 – 18 July. This would require a two night stay. So, round up friends and family and take a much needed ‘post match’ break – but be sure to call soon to avoid disappointment. ♫

Waiting to hear from you
Until then, stay well and warm,
Best regards from the Wyndford Team