Hello again from a beautiful brown and frosty winter Wyndford!

Last Monday we woke early (well, some of us did) to a warm morning but by 9am it had turned bitterly cold…with the result our first sighting of snow on the Maluti Mountains. Guests driving up to us from Natal encountered thick snow on van Reenens pass. Sadly it did not stay, however the mountains have been so beautiful in true winter fashion of pink and purple hues in clear blue skies.

We are pleased to report that we now have new family member. We were joined by Quela the Jersey Bull. After three weeks, we were a little worried that he was not living up to his name – Quela means to climb up – but Lucas happily informed us this week that he did work! Fresh Wyndford farm milk and cream seems set to continue. Who ever said country living was genteel…

Wyndford the cat continues to thrive and get up to mischief. Upsetting water all over the telephone systems main computer was his highlight last week – burning smells and dead phones didn’t bode well…..Forty minutes of delicate ‘hair drying’ by Lindy and Angelique under the desk switching it back on with bated breath. All fixed – just a pity about George’s additional grey hairs! Who ever said country living was dull…

We were going to add a picture of our new look dining room to this newsletter but on seconds thoughts decided to let you come and see for yourselves! Dorchester’s new bathroom is operational and approved by guests who have just spent a week with us. Instead we will show you the garden bedecked with Porsches as the car club joined us from Gauteng for the weekend! A garage full of them and Shane’s new camera out of action! – the boys did however get a ride down the ‘S’ bends at speeds we won’t mention in case their mother’s read this newsletter.

Cool crisp FRESH air, fantastic food, peace and quiet, stunning mountain views, great walks, and cozy fireside chats. Time and space to relax and recharge. Plus a four nights or longer stay gets a 20% discount during July. What are you waiting for………!
Hoping to hear from you soon
In the meantime, stay well and warm
Best regards from us all at Wyndford