The Mystery…

What will the next move be

who will take the game

There are so many of you who love Wyndford, who enjoy spending time in her space, relaxing, maybe challenging yourself to climb a mountain you didn’t think was possible, meeting strangers across the table and making new friends. Or just sitting in the gardens being quiet, listening to the birdsong and peace, joining with family from all corners of the globe in the middle of our beautiful South Africa.


George and I have taken a long sabbatical. We’ve added a beautiful granddaughter to our family, visited Sweden, Scotland, London, the Lakes … in fact 21 different beds in the last six months. Gotten to know, really know our other grandchildren and experienced community lifestyles.

During this time our able management staff of Simba, Natasja, Rynhard, Denise, Erard and latterly Jenna and Lourens have taken care of you, our guests, and all things Wyndford, in their special way.

In this time we have still actively been looking for new owners for Wyndford. There are many of you, our guests, who would love to purchase and carry on the legacy that you have enjoyed and love. We wanted to update you in the process, after many nearly’s, lots of lawyers, communications and bank debacles –

Wyndford is still FOR SALE

Business is ongoing – as usual

Asking price is R10,000,000.00 negotiable

Contact :

As for George and I, we will be helping Josh and Amelia and their now three daughters move to Scotland and then back to Sweden to give some granny and Grampa time to Kirsty’s boys.
Let us hope to continue to keep the legacy that is 100 years of Wyndford going.

with warm love and (((hugs))) George and Lindy

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