Season Greetings…

This festive season we housed 214 people for 838 bed nights.  That is a lot of greetings, festive wishes, and sad farewells. One of these comes to mind, it went along the lines of: “Hello, lovely to see you again, how are you?” The response was short but beautiful: “I am blessed!” To me “blessed” is the perfect summary of the festive season we have had at Wyndford.

We were visited by new guests who soon became friends. Visited by returning guests who have become family and so many new memories were made. We had Santa (as we do every year) and sang the most beautiful Christmas Carols in Church. We went horse riding, milked cows, spit braaied a sheep, climbed the tortoise, conquered the camel and rode a bull into the new year! All whilst eating too much.

As the gymnasiums are filled with folks running high on “new year, new me” spirit we set our goals for 2024.

·         Feed guests 3 times a day with 3 tea breaks to ensure they never go hungry but just through different stages of being full.

·         Create lasting memories and smiles with genuine care and our array of activities including hikes, horseback riding, Ziplining, games after dinner, strolls to the church and seasonally tubing down the Caledon River.

·         With renewed vigor, tackle our task of looking after God’s place and his people the best we can.

From a farmer’s perspective, we have new chicken chicks, and the pigs should have their babies soon. Our sheep are happy in their new pen. The cows are still producing the creamiest milk you have ever had, right here at Wyndford. The garden is looking amazing after the rain and as I was recently reminded, sometimes a yellow flower is all that is needed to brighten someone’s day.

From all of us at Wyndford: May your 2024 be filled with blessings, laughter, and happy memories.

Discounts and Specials

PS. We still have limited space for December 2024, should you wish to join us please book soon. And in the meantime, make a reservation with us directly and for the month of January and we will offer you 25% discount. Our gift to you!

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