What a busy few days it has been! We are in the middle of our week for homeschoolers, where children can explore the farm, learn on the job with lots of chatting among likeminded parents. Yesterday was the livestock’s moment. Catching and holding the lambs and sheep while they were inoculated and getting the cows into the chute for dehorning. They returned to the summerhouse tired, rather dusty and enjoyed well deserved cup of tea and cake. Today they were up early to do the milking and were fortunate to watch to birth of a new lamb!

The next special weekend coming up from the 16th– 18th September, is for those who love scrapbooking their special events and memories. Get in touch for more details!


On the family front…

We are sad to say that Veronica, ‘Mama V’ to most of us, has decided to go back to Bloemfontein. She will be missed by us all and I know, by our guests, as she has a very special way with hospitality and a great asset to the Wyndford team. To this end, if there is anyone interested in joining the team as front of house/ reception… jack of all trades, please let us have your CV’s to admin@wyndford.co.za We are also saddened by the loss of one of our tortoises who didn’t make it through hibernation as well as Socks having gone walkabout for the last week. The rest of us…well we are still here!

Jungle Gym of a different kind…


Now to those delicious lemon biscuits we make… 

While browsing an old recipe book I discovered that they are called Sergeant’s plain long biscuits. The story goes like this… ‘In 1930 a young Basuto gentleman, fluent in Sotho and English had been in Johannesburg and had trained as a chef. His name was Sergeant Mofokeng, a devout Catholic, and he went home to visit his wife in Lesotho. They had no children. When it was time to return he found the Caledon river in flood and had to wait on the Basuto side for several days for the waters to subside, by which time his train, which only ran weekly or monthly had long gone.

Once he was able to cross over, he asked Mrs Martin if he could stay and cook for her until the next train came through. Well, Sergeant never went back to Joburg! He built himself two huts, had several horses which he loved to spend time with, sometimes to the great frustration of Mrs Boswell, the then owner, as with Sergeant time was of little importance and lunch was often only served at half past two!

After his wife died in 1965, he married again and had 8 children!! He was an institution loved by all and remained chef at Wyndford until he was too old to cook anymore but at least until 1974!’

Now you can make them yourselves!

I know it seems strange to say but with Spring here it means the end of the year is rapidly approaching. We currently have space for Christmas as well as New Year…planning is underway for our Disney Ball! The 20% discount applies up until the 15th December for 4 night or longer bookings. Whatsapp us now 076-045 1551.

It’s time… you know it is!

Come and enjoy Wyndford and make new memories!


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