October slid into November! before we know Christmas will be upon us… We are all melting from the heat and the lack of rain means that so many of the first flush of roses have actually dried on the bushes. (I think that the heat has affected Molly’s brain… she has taken to sitting under the oak tree and howling like a husky – but as long as it brings the rain we are ok with that!)

Our four little boy calves are growing stronger by the day and nearly ready to move around the corner by themselves. They were a gift to us and next week Angelique and Celvin are going to collect eight more calves, some heifers, which will be the beginning of our dairy herd so as once again to get farm fresh milk!! It means that there will be a lot of bottles to be made and given over the Christmas holidays….

During the year we did a major prune on some of the trees – the dodgy one leaning precariously over the car port became fire wood, and the drought stricken willow at the pool was severely reduced! It has come back beautifully but means that shade is lessened… so we have a work in progress! A pergola along the wall is growing fast!!

We are also happy to say our summerhouse cushions have arrived back and are looking splendid in their new covers!

Guests have been as scarce as raindrops this year, due mainly to the economics of the country, but we are grateful to those who have managed to join us (especially those like last week who kept saying how beautiful it is, when sometimes all we see is the dust…) As I sit and write this I look out on the amazing cedar trees. Some of which would need at least two people to hug them – they too started out little, endured drought, pruning and lush seasons over the 100 years that Wyndford has been growing. Now well rooted and strong they show in their branches the varying seasons of life. We are still here and well, we’re staying – we hope you will visit again soon!

Remember the benefits of older age…. 30% discount – November is full of special events – Cherry festival, Walking with Wildflowers…

On that fruity note… Cherrio from the Wyndford team hope to see you soon!

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