July news… #discoverwyndford

Once again a warm hello from us all, and an update of our July news…

George usually raises his eyebrows cautiously when I announce that I’ve had an idea… I remember a story in one sermon on prayer, about the lady who kept complaining week after week to God about not answering her prayers… that she would win the Lotto. The next week in church after she was again heard complaining that God was not listening, a still small was voice was heard saying ‘for goodness sake go and buy a lotto ticket…’

So…I had this idea. While it is so hard to ask for help – we have.

After much taxing of this old brain, we set up a registered Fundraiser to be shared around the world to our extended Wyndford family and friends. If you are unsure of how to do it just respond to this note and we can talk you though it.  https://gogetfunding.com/sustaining-another-generation/
Please share – and, to those who have already helped we are humbled by your generosity. Thank you.

New beginnings… Natasja and Rynhard safely welcomed their baby son this morning, and our farmyard responded with our first baby pigs since lockdown – a pink wriggly pair!  Lunar and Callie – well I did say I would tell you how they came by their names. The team chose Lunar – they are black… and our granddaughter loves Calamity Jane – so now we seem to have Lunatic and Calamity!

We are waiting to for the family chat with the President to hear if our guests in the Gauteng will be set free and we can once again listen to children playing, the horses can stretch their cold bones, and the aromatics from the kitchen will waft along with the bell.

Please remember to share…https://gogetfunding.com/sustaining-another-generation/ We can’t Wait to have you join us!