It is quiet at Wyndford. You might say it always is.

But the fact that the gong has gone silent is deafening.  Five times a day for as long as I can remember, calling children from their play in the forest, riders out on the horses, the energetic (and usually famished) from the tennis courts, or waking up granny asleep under the pear tree.  Breakfast, morning tea with fresh baked cakes – lunch time, then a wake up from the afternoon nap for tea and cookies and later, time to come together for dinner.  The dogs know it and run from wherever they are to the summerhouse or dining room (yes they do know which one…) to where people will be coming – cuddles guaranteed.  I removed my watch when we came to Wyndford and have not worn one since, really not sure how the border post is going to manage….  If you are close by it deafens – as many children who anxiously queue to ring it – sometimes twenty minutes ahead and we keep having to say ‘no… not yet!’ have found out.

Our socialites, Milly and Humphrey seem to be taking the most strain.  She comes to visit every afternoon for half an hour of ball chasing, but has also devised ways to put the ball at the top of the hill from where it can roll – according to George she is not ready for Proteas boundary duty yet!

After a tense water situation over Christmas and New Year when the bore hole dried, we drilled a new one at huge expense, but necessary and are grateful for this enthusiastic gusher every time we open the tap to wash our hands (again) or water the veggie garden.  The gardener and I had differing opinions – ‘nee me, dit sal nie werk nie…’(hope I got that right) – said in exactly the same slow tone as old Makulu who was with us for over 40 years.   Well, it might not.  But we planted veggie seeds of all kinds a few weeks ago with the view that if they come up great – we can feed people, and if they don’t, well – we tried. So water we do!

Natasja and Rynhard, have agreed to become our General Management couple, who along with little RJ, will move into Little Wyndford shortly.  Angelique and Celvin decided to move to the rolling green pastures of the Midlands and we wish them, along with Sebastion and Cassidy, everything of the best for the future.  Jenny has moved to be closer to her father in Howick,  and we will shortly introduce Veronica to you who will be in the office – so changes all round.

I have, however noticed a lot of very big beautiful dragonflies and butterflies, not just the little white ones – flitting around – or maybe they were always there but now I have time to notice. In closing, I remember one of our menu verses that says – without change, there would be no butterflies!

Change is here. The future for Wyndford like so many small businesses is uncertain. We have always believed that we are just caretakers and that God has a higher plan. Our love and prayers to you all

Warm virtual (((hugs))) the Wyndford team.

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