At long last…

If you haven’t already been to look, head to
to see our latest new born!
….and what a long labour it was!  We hope you enjoy our new offering and will share with your friends and family.
That little voice that pipes up from the back seat…’Are we there yet…?’
The Cherries (..and Asparagus) have arrived in the area, well done farmers! Plump, robust good looking fruit… so if they are your favourite – plan a visit soon!  Cherry Festival is the 16 – 18 November, but you don’t have to wait that long…
Thinking of all our students, small and tall, as you start into the exams. Not long now and we will get to see you (hopefully)… and celebrate another year done and dusted. Believe in yourself, noses to the grind for a little longer….
There is still availability for a quick break after the exams and before the 15th December – The gardens are green and bright with blooms – the birds are happy (well, except for the Piet-my-vrou – who keeps yelling to no avail)
Rest, Peace, Calm (no cooking or shopping, Moms)…. and breathe! Just do it. Call the girls now…
Wish you could also smell them…one day?’
Warm greeting from us all, Team Wyndford
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