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And they are off!

Well, September has come and gone and along with it our first ever Fun Trail Run over 5 and 10km.  Thank you for all who participated, young and old (furry and four footed! Yes, Humphrey did most of the 5km and was very miffed about being bought home in the bakkie). Round up a group and join us next time… weekend of 8th – 10th February with the run on Saturday.  Keep training…!


Maluti 1986 – 2018
Thursday was a quiet, sunny day… It was also the day we said our farewells to the legend that was Maluti. Many children have chatted away to him as he gently sashayed down the road – he was always patient. Those that wanted a little fun, and didn’t realise he had it in him, were surprise as he took off across the field at a gallop. Many have come back (some a little white faced..) and declared – they didn’t think a horse could go up a mountain like that. He has seen so many come and go, this was his time.
He went for one last jaunt down to the first field with Buster who gently shepherded him home along the river road, stopping to wait when Maluti needed to catch his breath, this was gently repeated. He only walked slowly home leaving Maulti quiet at the bottom of the hill, knowing he wasn’t making it home that night…
Farewell, old gentleman, you will be so missed.
Such love…. 
We have had a quiet week, and I sat in the summerhouse garden and realised how peaceful and beautiful it is (no wonder guests like to sit there…) Roses and Aquilegia are ready to burst, Irises are flowering, birds and butterflies are happy – Tea anyone?
Alternatively, join us for half term weekend 19 – 21 October, before the rush of exams and end of year madness. Peter Webb will happily guide everyone who fancies looking under rocks or at anything that flies….(he is just amazing with children!)
Warm greeting from us all,Team Wyndford
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