Is it coming near you…


Whoop whoop, we are quite done with the brown palette and looking forward to seeing things pop into new growth. Having said that…. as I write there is a possibility of snow in the air.  We had wonderful gentle rain last night which settled the dust beautifully.  The fruit trees are starting to bud and the Japonica are starting to bloom…. unfortunately the two full beds of sweetpea seedlings outside Belsteen Manor now reside in the buck’s tummy!! (again…)

We temporarily lost Socks (doesn’t one always go missing?) but she is back and reunited with Humphrey.  Looking at the horses yesterday, always a calming occupation – even with Molly, Sprockett and Rocky underfoot – you should just see Bandit’s coat, it is like a thick woolly jersey!

We had a Fun Christmas in July, although it was hard to find Father Christmas…. Look out for our next year calendar coming soon so you can plan to join us.  


Now, I know all the pictures that come from the walks are usually from other’s cameras …. but in preparation for our Spring Day Fun Trail Run at Wyndford on Saturday 1st September,I offered to walk the 5km trail with Rynhard… only to discover he was doing the 10km. Pictures included just to prove I did it!! …Well only 6.4km to be precise and needless to say he completed the course in a lot less time once Molly and I were picked up at Agate bank!

We are ready

and it’s going to be fun so don’t delay!! Call now to book…

PS Humphrey did Agate Bank and back yesterday …think he’s hoping for a podium spot?!

Happy greetings from us all….

Team Wyndford

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Please note…. at this point in the trail… Rynhard was 10 paces behind!!!!