The latest news and special from the Farm…

We have had a most marvellous March! A record 219mm of rain fell on the farm, and those of you who have joined us for sundowners at the river crossing can see how much water is around the Eastern Free State.   The Little Caledon was high enough to inflict some damage to the swing bridges but all were back up and ready for the Easter walks…. although there is an additional spanner in the bottom of the river! (Yes, it is not the first one…)
All this weather has meant that we have had some stunning photo opportunities, with spectacular cloud formations and lighting. 

Our seniors, Zazu and Maluti will not be riding anymore, as, at 30 these two grand animals have deserved a well earned retirement. They have faithfully walked (galloped) the Wyndford routes and  have carried adults as children whose children have now come for rides.  Maluti collapsed and has a bad heart murmur – they will stay with the other horses for company and …apples?!  (We are waiting for the day when George and I get put out to pasture….)
You might have spoken with Natasja in Reception, or walked with Rynhard who (along with Baby RJ) joined our team in March and we will bid farewell to Hanna our Catering manager, who is returning to the States. We are on the lookout for someone to take on this role to ensure our food service continues to be the best we can be.
Anyone who has advise on how to keep ‘the boss’ in line (yes we are referring to Humphrey) who today after trying to catch Maluti’s tail was then seen chasing a rooster who is twice his size… Talk about a fearless feline!

We have decided to hold our rates at present and absorb the 1%vat increase until further notice.
Join us for the school holidays (there are two different specials on offer for April) or plan ahead and make Mothers Day a special memory – a bottle of pink Champagne will go to the family that has the most generations of moms! Give Natasja, Jenny or Angelique a call now on 058-2230274 and make it a special occasion. 

Well, as the Liquid Ambers start showing their autumn colours, there is a definite nip in the air in the mornings and evenings – it is time to put the jumping castle into hibernation, make sure the wood pile is stacked ready for log fires with hot chocolate…..and maybe dream of a little snow!
Book directly on our website at or give us a call and we will do all the work for you.
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Sending you warm Greetings from us all at Wyndford
(and yes, Humphrey that includes you… ok, special furry cuddles from ‘the boss’ – apparently only for little people)