Sitting at my desk this morning when suddenly a big branch of the fir tree outside dipped and swayed. No wind in evidence, and on further investigation, I discovered a very large brown eagle sitting there. Much bigger than our resident Gymnogene (African Harrier Hawk), Celvin decided he was probably a brown snake eagle. Then I wasn’t sure whether to be happy he was hunting the snakes or worried that I could have snakes in our garden!

For those of you who have joined us on fun trips to the river crossing, this picture was taken one evening last week. As you can see, no water in evidence other than splash pools for wagtails.  Maybe we should call the outing the puddle pad until more rains fall!
We have an exciting special running from the 2 – 6 March which is a 50% discount for seniors staying for the four nights and for families, kids under 12 stay free for the weekend. (And yes, they do have to be yours!) Call now so as not to miss out. Go on…. Just do it!!
Well, our grape crop ended up more like raisins… far too hot and we have just picked the peaches so the kitchen is in full swing making jams and preserving peaches for the next year. Our pecan tree has not grown but the good news is that it is still alive! Spinach, rhubarb, carrots, rocket, tomatoes, lettuce and more means we have kept the pantry stocked with wonderful organic fare.

Well done Russell Thorndike, you are our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people!   It could be you – head off to the website to enter on and we will keep you up to date on with all the news.

Happy hugs from the Wyndford Team