March News….

Rambo works….. we were worried there for a moment! Mary safely delivered Little Lamb II on Monday and so brings our flock up to a grand total of four!  Actually I always thought that lambs usually arrived in Spring but we are very definitely into Autumn here in the Eastern Free State.  The poplars are turning golden and the cosmos is beginning to bloom.  A photographers dream…
Looking heavenward…. Join us on the 10 – 12 April for the Stargazing weekend with the Faltemeirers and the possibility of some scouting tips along the way from Robert – wonderful for the kids.
We also have a last minute special running!
How would you like a FREE day…..? (Yes really!) Between the 19 – 24 April BOOK for 4 nights PAY for 3!!                         
 Call us on 058 223 074 now so as not to miss out!
We have had a good crop of porcini mushrooms this year, adding extra flavor to meals. Celvin continues to tweak our menu with the latest addition being basil pesto and mozzarella filled chicken breasts coated with almond flour and parmesan cheese – Yum!

The lounge has just begun it’s overhaul, a slow process, waiting for upholstery and curtains to be made, but exciting none the less. We are also hoping to renovate and upgrade Crystal Palace and Den & Cabin sometime this year but more about that later.
Charlotte (our tortoise) is still out and about – so no hibernation hole as yet! In fact, she has taken to parking on the verandah along with Dodge, our husky, and the three cats. I did also wonder what the hail we had yesterday sounds like from inside a tortoises shell?!  Oh, ok Ponty… he has just hurrumphed from the paddock to send his greetings to you all.
Our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people, Ryan Gaskin!   Head off to the website to enter on we will keep you up to date on with all the news.

Happy hugs from the Wyndford Team!