November News…

The last month has been so beautiful at Wyndford, I wish more of you could have been here to enjoy it.  The roses obviously enjoyed the really cold dry months before, as they came out dressed to impress for the Spring show. Along with Lupins, Foxgloves, one ranunculi (ok, so we didn’t get it all right) and beautiful peonys! Sitting in the gardens is a restoring and calming pastime, listening to the singing of the many birds and bees activity.

Talking of that, we have welcomed six piglets to the fold and two beautiful calves, one a little girl named Yogi (thinking ahead).  The Geese are sitting on nests and if they increase the population much more, we might have to look into making them into duvets. One chap who passed on recently was Peter, our Vulturine Guineafowl – we think from old age – as he was about 12 years old.  I was tempted to ask Joseph to pluck him for New Year – for his beautiful feathers that is….sorry, that sounded wrong – but decided to let him RIP!

Our new Piggly Wiggly Bench situated overlooking the horse and pig paddock, leads you through the vegetable garden, which is looking good, and the bunnies had a party when we did a thinning out of carrots.  The produce of carrots, beets, beans, tomatoes, marrow, pumpkin, spinach, rhubarb has taken off as well as the rocket and we look forward to serving home grown, organic vegetables and herbs!  We have once again (episode 6 at least) planted the gardens at the gate (note to self…. the vegie gardener cannot scatter seeds – they are all coming up in straight rows) and the ongoing saga of the Dassies vs the Dame continues….!

As I write this we have had a few days of amazing rains, 68.5mm and counting. The Caledon rivers are flowing but not deep enough yet to go tubing!  The rains have popped the leaves out on my Pecan nut tree – a good sign as we thought we had lost it – but am I the only gardener whose tree is shorter a year after planting? The only one not enjoying the rain seems to be Charlotte the tortoise but then I might also, if my house had openings back and front.
Well, we are well into Cherry time, Asparagus abounds on the menu and the veld is looking greener after the dreadful fires earlier in the year.  Tractors are up and down as the farmers plant…. and the Bowling Green is just that, green! – ready for the fun tournament at the end of the month. Come and visit to experience the beauty that is the Eastern Free State.
Congratulations to our monthly draw winner of a two night stay out of season for two people, Tessa Rice!  Head off to the website to enter on or keep up to date on

Greetings from us all, the Wyndford Team… Yes, a picture at last!