The comic book version of peak traffic at Wyndford!  Sheep were definitely made to follow and not to lead, they are decidedly wayward out in front and end up under the trees or visiting Outlook!

Our effective weedeater (aka Charlotte the tortoise) is munching merrily and stocking up for her annual hibernation.  She shuffled into our lounge last week, much to Phini’s, horror who then proceeded to redirect her with great difficulty, possibly looking for a good warm place to park for three months!
George and I have just done a road trip round South Africa, through the flat plains of the Northern Cape, down the West coast with its undulating mountains, to the majesty of the Stellenbosch peaks and we have to say, it is always good to be home at Wyndford.  The spectacular sweep of the driveway with the impressive rocks on either side reaffirms that the Eastern Free State is an often undiscovered gem in our country.  If you haven’t visited, now is particularly beautiful with the changing of the seasons painting the landscape with wonderful Autumnal colours. 
Along with the reds, oranges and yellows of the leaves the roads are lined with the annual display of cosmos. Fantastic for photography, especially with the brilliant blue of the sky and the build up of clouds.

So, it is maybe time to pack up the jumping castle at the pool and swop it for log fires and winter tramps in the crisp mountain air.  We have a special in May where you can join us for bowls and steam trains – or just one or the other.  Call the girls in the office on 058-223 0274 for more information. School holidays are also booking up so don’t leave it too late!
The latest news from the kitchen is that we are now serving our own homemade yoghurt!  With the added boost of milk from Princess and Clover (when she isn’t stroppy and kicking over the bucket!) we have had some lessons, one or two batches that the pigs enjoyed…. And are now producing a delicious vanilla yoghurt for breakfast!  We have been able to serve home grown marrows, carrots, beetroot, beans, tomatoes and wonderful Rhubarb from the veggie garden and it makes going into the winter months a little harder.  The ground here becomes so hard even the moles give up after bumping their heads in the frozen soil (I wonder where they go ….).
We do know however, where Jaco is going.  London’s calling! He will be heading out at the end of April to explore the world.  Anyone know anyone who would like to fill his big boots?  Please get in touch with us if you think you would be a suitable ‘fit’ and have the Wyndford heart! We would also be open to a young couple…
Our monthly draw winner is Debbie Richter!   Congratulations we look forward to being able to welcome you to Wyndford shortly.
Remember, call now to catch the Cosmos! And you can keep up to date with us on

Greetings from the Wyndford Team