The sky is such a bright blue, it almost hurts your eyes… temperatures so hot even the birds don’t have energy to sing they sit and fan themselves instead, so has been our February thus far! 
The wheels fell off… twice, (another story) but we managed to safely relocate Princess and Clover, our two new milk ladies into the paddock!  They arrived from a nearby farm to much bellowing and right royal mooing and duly gave Joseph a hard time in the milking shed –  just add Milo for instant chocolate milkshake!

We have a fun bowls week planned from 11 – 16 May which also includes a morning trip on the Steam Train and a visit to the Train Museum at Sandstone Estates – which although planned for seniors – anyone is welcome to join us!  Call Angelique or Jenny in the office to find out more information on 058-2230274.  If you can’t make this date check out the activities page on the website for other  alternatives –
Jaco rues the day he taught people to play golf so well that guests are now beating him at this card game of an evening. He might just  have to change the rule that says the loser makes hot chocolate for the winners afterwards as he has been kept busy of late.
Mary and Little Lamb who arrived at Christmas time, have spent the last few weeks in our garden as the grass is wonderfully green…however, Little Lamb’s preference for roses instead of grass, means that as of this morning – and along with Rambo – a new addition who will have to grow into his name (and occupation)…. have moved across the drive into the paddock with Ponty, our stallion.  It was either that or Lamb stew….
We’re often asked which is the best season to come to Wyndford – every season has it’s own beauty and special treats!  These are a few of the first pumpkins and mushrooms from the forest.

Our monthly draw winners for February are Brian & Judy Stone! We look forward to welcoming you to Wyndford in the near future.  March and April school holidays are filling up so don’t wait too long to call… and remember to keep up to date on

We leave you with a picture (and a smile) taken by Kirsty and George on the road to Fouriesburg… traveling African style!