The warmest member of the Wyndford family at this moment is definitely Barbara.  After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a sheepskin coat when the temperatures in the mornings fall to minus 3°  – so thick at present that just her nose sticks out!  Charlotte, the tortoise has been interesting to watch…after providing her with a very African hut complete with tin roof and stones and infra red light to keep her warm, she decided to dig herself into the side of a bank. Next time we need to renovate the driveway we will use her as a backacter…

Celvin is another member of the Wyndford team in hibernation.  Due to an unfortunate fall, where he broke his back he is now recovering at home after surgery.  We are happy to report that he is up, and good to see him walking with the kids and Angelique down the drive to the church and back.  Definitely no motorbike rides in the near future for him!
Our bowling green is once again heading to be a bowling brown.  Love the different colours we have seen as the seasons change and the yellows melded into oranges, then reds and watching the leaves finally drift off and float down. There is a stark beauty in an unadorned tree, although secretly do confess to being a green person!

We are still planning to have our fun bowls week from the 24th – 29thNovember 2013. If you can roll, come along and join us!  Jaco has been secretly practising….    Also at the end of the year (hard to believe we are nearly into the sixth month of 2013 already!) from the 29thNovember to 1st December, we have our Walking with Wild Flowers weekend.  Anyone who was with us last year will remember how fascinating this was, and do not be put off by the ‘walking’ bit – there was so much to see and explore that we didn’t actually have to go that far!
The wild dagga plants in front of the church are in full bloom at present and attract the most beautiful sunbirds –  one needs to multitask in church, looking and listening! Any recommendations (other than biltong!!) to keeping the duiker out of the flower beds will be greatly appreciated.  One suggestion – lion poo – was a little hard to find!  It is frustrating (much as I love him) when he mows all the spring flowers to an even 15 cms….
Angelique is off to Joburg to visit Retirement Villages to promote our trips later in the year – check your notice boards if you are a golden oldie and join us. Alternatively contact us in the office on 058-2230274. If you are facebookers, like us on or alternatively directly from our website on to be able to share any news and specials with your friends and families. (thanks to Helen for taking the lead in this and getting us off to a good start!)
Along with winter comes the thought of June/July school holidays.  Round up friends and families, spend four nights or longer with us and qualify for a 20% discount. Hiking our mountain trails in the cooler climate is both invigorating and spectacular! The next Stargazing weekend planned for the 22nd – 23rd June with the Faltermeiers falls within this period so you can take advantage of the special and gaze heavenwards.
With the change of season the Lesotho Maluti mountains are bathed in pink and purple hues each evening at sundown – great for photography! (They do tell me that sunrises are equally as spectacular but I’m with Garfield on this…)
Our monthly draw winner for this month is Veronica Brink
Looking forward to having you with us shortly!
Warm regards from us all, your Wyndford Team.