Staff member of the holidays award goes to….. our horses!
Keepers of generations of children’s secrets, dreams and chatter – even the quietest of children seem to find their voices once on the back of a horse. They plod unwavering to the gate and back with shrieking little cowboys and girls, with just a startled tweak of an ear, or a slight rump jiggle but never a hoof wrong. Well done Maluti, Zazu, Buster, Starlight and the rest of the gang!

Of course, for those privileged few to have witnessed George’s spectacular 4×4 driving on the return from tubing down the Caledon River on Christmas afternoon, it was probably a highlight they won’t forget in a hurry! (Move over Father Christmas…) Drenching rain – the only reason we were able to go on the river in the first place, meant that the road was a challenge… and the new Amarok earned its place as a farm bakkie!

After being the wife of a pastor for many years, I have listened to wedding ceremonies often. One thing George has repeatedly challenged young couples (and old ones too), was to make an occasion out of the usual. Don’t wait for Christmas to celebrate family being together, set a time and round everyone up – make an occasion. One of the best things to witness here at Wyndford, is families spending time, catching up, meeting up from all over the world and knowing each other again. (Of course with the added bonus that no one gets the cooking and wash up duties!)

Talking of special occasions, we are working on our ‘treat’ weekends for the year – Star gazing was amazing and great fun – despite dubious weather and the Walking with Wildflowers was fantastic! Walking with Wyndford guides is now even more entertaining as they sprout forth interesting info along the way… Although, we did wonder if Jaco was suffering from heatstroke when he radioed to say ‘Hanging’ rock was gone and must have fallen. A quick ride to the next door farm assured us that it was and is, (proof herewith) still there – so now we are wondering whether he has been leading you up the garden path…..

Ana Jones starts off the year by winning our monthly draw, congratulations and we look forward to welcoming you!

Our Coffee Room and Salon, went into action over Christmas and New Year. Up the green stairs into a WiFi world with Cappuccino or massage…

One little chap found waiting for midnight tiresome, but 2013 arrived amidst much singing and joy! We wish you all a wonderful year full of good surprises and special memories, hopefully some of which will be made at Wyndford!

Greetings from us all
The Wyndford Team