I decided to sit outside – what are laptops for after all?… and enjoy the simply amazing weather and scenery while I write to you. We have had a wonderful week of changing weather from spectacular warm sunny days to 10cm snow and this morning minus 6 and painted by Jack Frost. My snowman is resolutely hanging on, all six inches of him, before he also melts into a puddle. But wonderful, puddles all this snow does make in our countryside. We have been so dry that cracked lips and exceedingly static hair makes us all into bright sparks! (Little Benjamen below is a great example.)

It is wonderful also for the garden to have this little boost of moisture and nutrients right before Spring. Pruning starts in earnest now, both for roses and fruit trees and the bowling green gets it’s annual makeover. We will however have to restore the netting in the veggie patch which sagged due to the weight of the snow.

All the animals coped well with the snow and even hibernating Charlotte survived a 5 hour power outage. A quick tap on the shell and responding hiss means there’s still life in there! The geese get the award for the whitest jackets. The three white horses don’t look quite so white when planted in the snow, although Ponty was quite sure no-one could see him!

In answer to the question as to whether we still served tea in the ‘Summerhouse’…anyone serving tea inside with about 5 dozen soggy people ( might I add that there were only about 48 students…) would fit into the ‘nut’s category. George and I were the only ones to remain unscathed by the flying snow balls, oh, and of course Angelique who stood in the midst of the melee protected by shouts of ‘don’t hit the pregnant lady!’ Cassidy had great fun until she became the perfect Rudolf after drawing on the frozen tennis court with her nose. Dozy enjoyed having the students here for the math’s camp – he even learnt how to catch snowballs (adding is still alluding him though..)

See more of the fun and beauty by visiting the blog on the website and click on the link to our facebook page.

As I type, cars are rolling down the drive to reception to check in for the long weekend. Sorry to all those who we had to turn away… remember to call earlier next time! It’s proving to be a perfect snow weekend in Lesotho and the Moteng Pass is accessible. Great menus planned and Dozy is rearing to go!

We must remind you that there are still a few rooms available for our Stargazing weekend and also our Walking with Wild Flowers in early November. Also, the long stay 20% and seniors 30% discounts apply out of season. Give the girls a call to make sure you book your place. Talking of the girls, Angelique is about off for maternity leave and local lass Sonica has, bravely, joined us for this period!
Until then, stay well and warm, from us all at Wyndford