We obviously have very happy bunnies….lots of them. Since moving them from the farmyard to the enclosed run they have multiplied. Fun to sit in the swing chair and watch, however bunnies are not just cuddly and soft and have ‘karate kid’ sparing games which amazes some little people. Charlotte the tortoise, appears to be just as confused by the weather as we are and seems to have already started to head toward hibernation. Pacing up and down and heading for higher ground when the clouds roll up…only to head back out to look for food.
We are still waiting for the quinces to ripen but have been able to serve home grown raspberries for the first time in many years thank to a neighbor splitting up her plants and boosting our garden. We are watering from the river every day but it is still not the same as a good steady rain. George totaled rainfall stats and we are down on last year by two thirds for January and half for February, maybe it is still coming but the poplars and liquid ambers are already starting to turn yellow.
Our pumpkin patch (actually it qualified as a pumpkin field according to a local farmer!) has been a little disappointing. When I suggested it and we planted it everyone said they were going to overtake the driveway… I am maybe too impatient to be a farmer but the crop looks a little sparse to me. We wait with baited breath…
The cosmos starting to bloom means it’s nearly Easter….We have two specials for families coming up – quote this newsletter to qualify:
20% discount between 25 – 30 March and also the 11 – 13 May 2012. Round up the kids and Grandparents.. or Grandparents round up the kids!! And come for a refreshing fun filled break, no cooking, no driving and cell phones ringing once you pull into the carport, just fresh air, great food, warm hospitality, wonderful walks, horse rides and bunny cuddles – are you convinced yet?
A reminder that we have some exciting weekends planned for this year. Stargazing with Joyce and Robert Faltermeier on the weekends of 22 – 24 June and 12 – 14 October. They are enthusiastic and great with children – maybe time to learn a new hobby? The ‘Walking with Wild Flowers’ weekend with Dr Ashley Nicholas on the 2 – 4 November for all of those who have enjoyed hikes though our mountains – time to stop and take a closer look with an expert ‘in the field’ so to say. The Fun Bowls week from the 25 – 30 November is proving to be popular so give us a ring if bowls is your thing.
Thanks to all who entered our monthly draw on the website. The March winner is Stephan De Kock
George and I went up to the Ou Hout camp on Ventersburg for a night camp – road is a great 4×4 route – all you off roaders would have been proud of me… but I leave you with this calm and beautiful picture.

Get planning – we look forward to having you all visit. Greetings from us all!