February already..

Was about to say welcome to 2012… and here we are already bouncing up to Valentine’s day! We trust that the year has started well for you and your family.
The Wyndford family is changing and growing. Someone just asked how Angelique and Celvin’s baby was – so here is a picture of her sweeping and not such a baby anymore! Shane and Patricia have decided to move on and we wish them happiness in their future.

As the candle photo shows, we have had some extremely warm days over the past two months – topping 40° one day – when we all felt like the candles looked! As I write this we have had a short sharp shower but the river is still only ankle deep. Bad news for tubing… and especially worrying for farmers in the area, as crops and grass feed for cows and horses are affected.
For all those who have milked the cows…interesting bit of information…not sure you will ever really need it, what with a Woolies on every corner. Our cream and milk has been turning sour overnight – the cows are so hot when they come home in the afternoon, it is affecting the life of the milk and cream. Can you just picture cooling showers for cows?! Or alternatively just pop down to the cow shed with some Milo for instant hot chocolate.
Our wonderful fruit year continues, and we are now waiting for the pears, apples, quinces, figs and grapes to ripen and then another frenzy of jam and jelly making will ensue. Our cider and wine making was not a viable option – it would appear we have ‘tea total grapes’ as the last batch never ‘kicked’ and we still have a bucket of two year old grape juice.

A reminder that we have some exciting weekends planned for this year. Stargazing with Joyce and Robert Faltermeier and a Walking with Wild flowers weekend with Dr Ashley Nicholas in November. Many trips are planned for those who do not want to negotiate the roads themselves. Keep an eye on our new website or give the girls in the office a call…

So many children who come say when they grow up they would love to work at Wyndford. If you know any growed up kids who might fit the following description and would like an opportunity with us please send us CV’s to reception@wyndford.co.za.
Young, dynamic, energetic couple who are happy to work in an isolated environment. Previous hospitality experience essential. Passionate about guests satisfaction, able to master housekeeping, maintenance, Food & Beverage and administration.
Him: Night manager to help monitor maintenance, kitchen, evening entertainment & lock-up.
Her: Excellent communications skills & computer literacy. Duties include hosting guests, Front Office & Housekeeping.

Our monthly draw winner this month is Bernadette Arlow
We look forward to being able to welcome you to the wonderful Eastern Free State and Wyndford soon!
Have a fabulous February,
Greetings from us all

One Thought to “February already..”

  1. It's so great to see that Wynford has a blog. I really enjoyed reading all the news and updates! My grandfather and grandmother worked at Wynford about 20 years ago. I'm not sure if anyone working at Wynford will remember them – Ralph and Connie de Beer. My grandfather was a nature lover and after he retired, him and my grandmother started working at Wynford. Although they only lived there for little more than I year, as my grandfather passed away quite suddenly, I have the fondest memories of family holidays and Christmas at Wynford. There's just something about Wynford that captures your heart and makes you miss it even if you were there last as a child.

    So thanx for the updates! My grandmother is still alive and we are definitely trying to make a plan to take her to Wynford for a holiday. I'm going to show her this websites and all the photo's – she also misses her "home" from long ago!

    Odette dos Santos

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