We drove down to ‘Maritzburg – and back yesterday, a spectacular and clear day with wonderful views of the mountain summits frosted with snow. The road past Sterkfontein Dam is, well awful actually, but only for about 20 minutes and as van Reenen’s pass was closed with broken down trucks in both directions it was still the best route. The slow ride through the stop/go areas on most roads at least gives the passengers a chance to take a look around and enjoy the scenery. Shake off the frustration – I challenge all travelers to take a photo of something you hadn’t noticed before at each stop….

Anyone coming to the Eastern Free State from Natal, please bring WARM clothes! The East Coast Radio DJ mentioned that he was cold when he got up as it was only 9° – we had a chuckle as we had left home at -5° that morning.

Travel safe and we look forward to giving you a warm welcome.